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3 Types of CVs

CV Writing


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Unit Video

Unit Summary

3 types of CV formats:
  • Chronological CV
  • Functional CV
  • Combined CV

Build Your Action Plan

Hi. In this video, we will explain briefly 3 kinds of formats for CV writing as it will be explained in detail in the next 3 units.
There are 3 types of CV formats used today.
So, here they are:
  • Chronological CV: This format is the most used today as it is easy to read and clearly defines the job seeker’s work progression over the years. In other words, it does not hide anything. Most recruiters are happy when they receive such kind of CVs.
  • Functional CV: This format is used when job seekers have gaps in their work career and to hide that, they prefer to focus on their skills and achievements. This happens when job seekers are frequently shifting to different careers. Recruiters actually are skeptical when they receive such a format. Thus, the CV must be well written to grab the attention of the recruiter from the beginning.
  • Combined CV: This CV is usually longer than the other two because it combines both Chronological and Functional CV formats. Thus, the CV must clearly highlight the factual information about the job seeker including both work progression and strengths. Recruiters should be able to quickly learn what they need about the person looking for the job, just by skimming through the Combined CV prepared.
CV writing needs both time and effort to work hand by hand to prepare a clear format with decent content. Whatever kind of format you choose, we suggest you clearly and precisely define yourself and ensure that your CV is a reflection of who you are!