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4 Reasons why Interviews are Good for Job Seekers

Interview Skills


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Unit Summary

4 ways that job interviews benefit you whether you get the job or not:
  • They strengthen your network
  • Job Interviews reveal unexpected opportunities
  • They help you refine your job search
  • They help you improve your skills

Build Your Action Plan

Hi. In this video, you will learn why interviews are something that you should look forward to.
Going through many interviews can feel depressing for some, but as well as helping recruiters find great quality employees, interviews also benefit job seekers. However long interviews may take, they will always bring you a step closer to you landing that job you aspire for.
Here are 4 of ways that job interviews benefit you:
  • They strengthen your network: Interviews give you the chance to connect to more people thus, expanding your relations and connections. This will open your chances to other careers and opportunities in the future.
  • Job interviews reveal unexpected opportunities: Interviews open doors ahead of you by expanding your horizons. Your interviewer might not recruit you but may refer you to other job positions that you were not aware of.
  • They help you Refine your job search: Interviews allow you to renew your job search looking for up to date trends and modern paths.
  • They help you Improve your skills: Interviews allow you to find your weak points giving you a chance to improve them. Refining your story and developing your skills will ensure you a better job in the future.
We suggest you keep the above 4 advantages in mind while moving from one interview to the next. As explained, interviews are good for those looking for their ‘dream’ jobs. The more interviews you take the more experience you get in quality job seeking!