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8 Qualities of an Exceptional Interviewer

Interview Skills


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Unit Video

Unit Summary

8 qualities of a high-standard interviewee:
  • Arriving early to the interview
  • Grooming
  • 3-Researching the company’s profile
  • Using contacts
  • Improving Interview Techniques
  • Practicing
  • Handling different kinds of interviews
  • Saying Thank you

Build Your Action Plan

Hi. In this video, we will highlight 8 qualities of an exceptional interviewee.
Being a highly qualified interviewee needs a lot of work and practice. The more you prepare yourself, the higher the chance you have to tackle any kind of interview you face. This increases your chances of obtaining the job you want as quickly as possible making it.
Here are 8 qualities of a high-standard interviewee:
  • Arriving early to the interview: This is the most important part of being an exceptional interviewee. If you are late, you set a bad image of yourself to the recruiter before the interview even starts.
  • Grooming: Getting well-dressed for the interview is an important method to show your recruiter you are serious and worth their time. Knowing what to wear depends on the company’s culture and on the job position you are trying to get hired for but neatness and cleanliness are essential.
  • Researching the company’s profile: Spending time, before an interview, gathering information about the company and job position you are applying to is a vital step to ensure you are well prepared and know their terminology, challenges and focus areas.
  • Using contacts: Connections are vital and give you the chance to reach your goals faster. The more you know people in the desired company you are applying for, the better chance you get for obtaining your desired job title.
  • Improving Interview Techniques: Working on your skills regularly is essential when experiencing interviews. Be confident and professional in order to build up your self-image in front of the interviewer. This will be discussed in detail in the next video.
  • Practicing: Dress as if it is the actual interview and get a friend or family member to help you practice questions often asked. The more practice you do, the less nervous you become and the more experience you get in tackling interviews.
  • Handling different kinds of interviews: We have discussed this in the previous video. Be ready for any of the 5 kinds of interviews you might encounter.
  • Saying Thank you: Always thank the interviewer/s at the end of the interview. Remember that even if you were not selected suitable for that job, leaving a good impression might allow them to refer you to other companies or job positions.
We suggest you follow the above steps to WOW your way to become an exceptional highly-qualified interviewer!