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Another Creative Approach: Lateral Thinking

Creative Thinking


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Unit Video

Unit Summary

The following are 5 steps involved in Lateral Thinking:
  • Change the focus of your thinking
  • Break free from limits
  • Develop new ideas
  • Use diverse unrelated data
  • Look beyond obvious alternatives

Build Your Action Plan

Hi. In this video, you will learn another approach to creative thinking called “Lateral Thinking”.
Lateral Thinking is a phrase invented by Edward De Bono that means messy thinking. Lateral thinking is far from logical thinking most people use today. It is expanding your thinking limits, freeing yourself from boundaries giving you the chance to explore things you never knew existed.
The following are 5 steps involved in Lateral Thinking:
  • Change the focus of your thinking, allowing your mind to discover new options. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • Break free from limits of traditional logical thinking of reason. Think messy, think all over making every small detail count.
  • Develop new ideas and shape them to fit the situation you have on hand. Generating ideas is not sufficient; implementing these ideas according to what you need is what it takes to be a success.
  • Use diverse unrelated data to help you come up with new concepts. Break down data, group them together or even try data you have never imagined might work. By experimenting without judgment, unexpected solutions may arise!
  • Look beyond obvious alternatives. Sometimes, opportunities are hidden and can only be discovered by thinking ‘out of the box’.
Creative thinking is the ability to free your mind to create, interpret and visualize possibilities. Whether you decide to use lateral thinking or the 6 hats thinking approach, work your way to become a WOW creative thinker!