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Channel Strategies

Innovation and Business Model


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Unit Video

Unit Summary

The 2 commonly used channel strategies to sell through to your channels:
  1. Direct Channels
  2. Indirect Channels

Build Your Action Plan

In this video you can understand the different ways in which you can reach out to your clients so that they buy your products or services.
Channels are the way that you interface with your clients and services. Your aim is to find the most convenient way for your clients to buy your products and services and to have a great experience doing so.
Here are 2 commonly used channel strategies to sell through to your channels.
  1. Direct Channels where you sell directly to your clients either through your website, through your stores or through your sales teams
  2. In-Direct Channels where you rely on others to sell your products or services. These could be distributors, retailers or resellers that already have the supply chain or customer relationship and would thus provide you with the most efficient way to reach your clients and possibly to support them
Deciding on the channel model in a startup is very important since each way would have its advantages and disadvantages. As the business evolves, it can have a hybrid channel model that makes use of both routes to reach your clients.

Measuring engagement and engaging consumers are two sides of the same coin. David Penn