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Innovation and Business Model


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Unit Summary

The second step in the innovation process is to come up with as many ideas as possible to address the problem that you are working on. At this stage, there is no right or wrong idea, anything works, no matter how crazy it is.
If you are working in teams, it would be best to have a board or flip-chart and have everyone explain their idea and post it or write it up. This helps trigger new thoughts in others around you.
To come up with more ideas, approach the brainstorming from a technology, user, emotional, functional, business and any other angle you can think of.
At the end of the ideation process, consolidate some of the ideas, remove some of the ideas that have no relevance, and then vote on the best most promising one which you can pursue further.

Build Your Action Plan

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” Peter F. Drucker

After understanding the problem well, Natalie sets aside an hour of brainstorming where she puts down all ideas that come to her mind without judging if these ideas are good or bad. Every idea is good. At the end of that period she then starts to evaluate the various ideas, putting together similar ones, eliminating bad ones. Natalie then chooses the most promising idea, that came out of the ideation process, to prototype.