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Sales Skills that Everyone should Learn

Leadership Essentials


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Unit Video

Unit Summary

The Two essential sales skills which should always be in balance are:
  • Empathy to understand client needs
  • Ego to close business

Build Your Action Plan

In this video we will learn what it takes to sell your products and services.
Sales is a fundamental aspect of any business as it aims to match the needs of the clients with the benefits that your product or service can provide to these clients. Without sales there is no business.
The most successful sales people exhibit two essential skills:
  1. They have Empathy by being able to put themselves in the shoes of the customer and understand the client’s needs and requirements
  2. They have Ego which drives them to overcome rejections and obstacles so that they can close the deal in a way that is good for them and the company
These two skills are necessary and need to be in balance at all time. Every person in the organization can apply these skills since everyone is involved in selling something to someone.
Remember, nothing really happens in a business until someone sells something!

In business, the market gives you feedback in real time. Your sales figures tell you what’s working, what isn’t, and how you need to change. If you don’t listen to the feedback, you go belly up. Jeff Raikes