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Talking to Funders

Leadership Essentials


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Unit Summary

The 4 considerations to keep in mind when talking to funders are:
  • Financial statements
  • Strength of your strategy
  • Strength of the management team
  • Traction with existing clients or users

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In this video you will learn about what you should focus on when you want to expand your business.
As the businesses become more successful, you may look for an expansion of your business by getting access to funders which could provide you with capital or debt.
Four things that funders look for when backing a business:
  1. The financial statements to ensure that the business is healthy and that with more money it can be even healthier
  2. The strength of the strategy to ensure that competitors wouldn’t be easily able to challenge your offerings
  3. The strength of the team that is managing the business and how well can that team overcome challenges and attract more great talent
  4. Traction that the business already has with clients or users which give credibility that the products or services that are being offered are in high demand
The leadership team would need to assess which route to take when seeking funding or whether to keep on growing the business from within by re-investing the profits. In all cases, continuously thinking about the above 4 considerations would help guide you toward prosperity.

An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument. Robert A. Rice Jr.