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Tatawwar – meaning to develop in Arabic, is an exciting interactive programme sponsored by HSBC in partnership with Potential and the British Council. Tatawwar aims to inform and educate young people on water scarcity, enabling you to play a role in addressing the water challenges in your communities while developing your skills.

Tatawwar will respond to two major challenges facing the MENA region: youth unemployability and water scarcity. The programme aims to build your future skills from employability skills to financial literacy to business thinking and entrepreneurship through an online customised course and supporting workshops.

You then use these skills to develop your own business plan which would be a solution to address water scarcity across the region. The selected students that reach the final stage of Tatawwar will be given the opportunity to further develop their ideas into a business plan.

By going through the programme, get inspired to think about a water challenge that interests you the most, and then develop an innovative business model to address it. This course will allow you to create, brainstorm ideas and transform them into an effective project that can help preserve and maintain water in the region.