Tatawwar, meaning “To Develop” in Arabic, is an exciting, interactive programme brought to you by HSBC in partnership with Potential.com.

The programme will bring together students, schools, parents and the business community to help innovate for a shared future. It will give students the chance to practice important business skills, understand sustainable commitments, connect with the corporate world, and hear from some extraordinary professionals along the way.

The top participants would be able to unlock incubation opportunities to help them kick off their social business.


The programme is open to all youth all over the world. Young people can register for free and get access to the valuable resources. As you progress through the development of your social innovation, you will unlock special privileges.


Module 1 Stage One
Unit 1 SDG overview
Unit 2 Three SDG challenges
Unit 3 "Innovation Design Thinking" and your social business
Unit 4 Understand the problem
Unit 5 Come up with ideas for solutions
Unit 6 Develop the best idea
Unit 7 Evaluate and improve your solution
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Module 1 Building your social business
Unit 1 Understanding your ideal customer
Unit 2 How do you add value for your customers?
Unit 3 How will you get to your customers?
Unit 4 How will customers pay for your extra value?
Unit 5 What are the key resources, partners and their activities?
Unit 6 What are the costs of your business?
Unit 7 Making your business sustainable – Creating profits
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Module 1 Social Business Incubation
Unit 1 Overview about the program
Unit 2 Business Strategy
Unit 3 Innovative offer to increase sales
Unit 4 The online marketing campaign
Unit 5 Project Management
Unit 6 ICT setup
Unit 7 Company financials
Unit 8 Funding and Financing
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Incubation Track

Participants that make it to the next stage unlock coaching, offers, and other services.

Programme Offers

Unlock offers that will help you set up your business!

Programme Coaches

Unlock one-to-one coaching session with experienced professionals!

Free Resources

Get access to resources that will help you develop your innovation further!


Programme Ambassadors

Tatawwar 2022 Final Award Ceremony

Check out Tatawwar 2022 final award ceremony

Tatawwar is vital because it's the point about education, being there to prepare people for life not about how much you can make out of life which is great to see.

Hugh Martin - The British University, Dubai

Tatawwar was really infectious. I would like to thank HSBC and Potential, a lot of people tried this type of thing, but this is a genuine programme, and it really does make a difference.

Ivor McGettigan, Al Tamimi & Company, Dubai

I would like to thank HSBC and Potential for making such a great programme possible, you're making such a difference in the social enterprise ecosystem.

Medea Nocentini, Co-Founder Companies Creating Change, Dubai

I would like to thank HSBC and Potential for making such a great programme possible, you're making such a difference in the social enterprise ecosystem.

Shaikha Buti, Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, Bahrain

Tatawwar has been one of the most exciting projects I have taken part in. I am thankful for this opportunity where I could collaborate with my students and come up with great ideas and prototypes.

Jeyal Tharakan, Indian School, Muscat

We were honoured to participate in such a great project that has a tangible positive impact on the community.

Rabab Hassan, Karakeeb Makerspace, Egypt