2019-20 Programme Highlights

Our journey through the Tatawwar 2019-2020 rollout

Tatawwar Dubai Workshop
Tatawwar Abu Dhabi Workshop
Tatawwar Bahrain Workshop
Tatawwar Cairo Workshop 1
Tatawwar Kuwait Workshop
Tatawwar Qatar Workshop
Tatawwar Cairo Workshop 2
Tatawwar Oman Workshop
Tatawwar Alexandria,Egypt Workshop
Tatawwar Algeria Workshop 1
Tatawwar Algeria Workshop 2
Tatawwar Dubai Workshop 2

2018-19 Programme Highlights

Our journey through the Tatawwar 2018-2019 rollout

Israa Al Manami Elevator Pitch
Sohaila Abdelnasser Elevator Pitches
Essa Khan Elevator Pitches
Samah Abdulla Elevator Pitches
Dana Haitham Elevator Pitches
Mohammed Al-Balushi Elevator Pitches
Mahmoud Sawalha Elevator Pitch
Zoya Naeem Elevator Pitch
Marwa Alsinani Elevator Pitch
Tatawwar Finalists Feedback of the programme - 2018-2019
Tatawwar Wrap up - 2018-2019

Tatawwar, meaning “To Develop” in Arabic, is an exciting, interactive programme brought to you by HSBC in partnership with

The programme will bring together students, schools, parents and the business community to help innovate for a shared future. It will give students the chance to practice important business skills, understand sustainable commitments, connect with the corporate world, and hear from some extraordinary professionals along the way.

The winners will get the once in a life-time chance to showcase their innovative ideas at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

To qualify, the following must apply:

  • High school students 15 - 18 years of age

  • Students must commit to attend all scheduled workshops, if selected

  • Students must obtain parental consent for travel arrangements before the semi-finals

  • Students must have valid travel documents to enter Oman

  • Students must reside in: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates

Pre-test Pre-test
Module 1 Overview about the programme
Module 2 SDG overview
Module 3 SDG challenges
Module 4 Understand the problem
Module 5 Come up with ideas for solutions
Module 6 Develop the best idea
Module 7 Evaluate and improve your solution
Module 8 Next steps
Module 9 Innovation design thinking and your social business
Module 10 Understanding your ideal customer
Module 11 How do you add value for your customers?
Module 12 How will you get to your customers?
Module 13 How will customers pay for your extra value?
Module 14 What are the key resources, partners and their activities?
Module 15 What are the costs of your business?
Module 16 Making your business sustainable – creating profits
Post-test Post-test
  • Creative Thinking

  • CV Writing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Interview Skills

  • Water Scarcity




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Volunteers Program
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Who Is Involved?

Key partners in the project are HSBC and

Tatawwar – which means to develop in Arabic – is an exciting interactive programme from HSBC and Potential. The Tatawwar programme aims to inform and educate young people about water sustainability, the role they play in dealing with water challenges in their communities and at the same time, develop their business skills.

HSBC has been a long-time supporter of education projects and developing future skills. In today’s competitive environment, we know that employers are looking for a broad range of capabilities so we are extending our support to help people in the communities we serve – and our own employees – to develop the future skills they need to succeed in a business environment.

We are doing this by concentrating on two key areas:


Helping people in our communities to develop the skills they need to secure the jobs of tomorrow. Through our HSBC Partnership for Skills programme, we aim to support charitable partnerships that will enable one million people to develop employment-related skills through USD80 million in focused funding by 2020.

Financial capability

Increasing financial literacy and helping people to maximise their investments in education. We support educational initiatives that will help to increase financial capability in our local communities, including funding charitable partnerships that will help one million people through USD35 million in focused funding by 2020.

“Tatawwar has been developed to unleash curiosity and help our young people think “outside the box” by allowing them the freedom to create and innovate while giving back to the community they live in. We hope the skills foster a lifelong desire to continue learning and connect with others in pursuit of a larger purpose. It’s our responsibility and mission to create future generations that are keen and most importantly, able to effectively give back.”

-Sabrin Rahman, Head of Corporate Sustainability, MENAT

Potential has been creating practical learning programs since 2005. By making use of our mature learning framework and platform you can do well for your business and your community.

We have developed what we call Real World Education bringing together our education and technology expertise to provide engaging next-generation business skills to the masses.

This programme approach has been used to develop millions around the world and you too can benefit from it to empower, educate and engage your community - be it your users, staff, partners or prospects.

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Courses Map

Pre-test Pre-test
Module 1 Overview about the programme
Module 2 SDG overview
Module 3 SDG challenges
Module 4 Understand the problem
Module 5 Come up with ideas for solutions
Module 6 Develop the best idea
Module 7 Evaluate and improve your solution
Module 8 Next steps
Post-test Post-test
Module 1 Business Model Canvas  
Unit 1 Innovation Design Thinking and Your Social Business
Unit 2 Understanding your Ideal Customer
Unit 3 How do you Add Value for Your Customers?
Unit 4 How will you get to your Customers?
Unit 5 How Will Customers Pay for Your Extra Value?
Unit 6 What are the Key Resources, Partners and Their Activities?
Unit 7 What are the Costs of your Business?
Unit 8 Making Your Business Sustainable – Creating Profits
Module 1 Water Scarcity  
Unit 1 Our Access to Water
Unit 2 The Water Challenges We Face in the MENA Region
Unit 3 Raising Awareness about Water Consumption
Module 1 Creative Thinking  
Unit 1 Creative Thinking PreTest
Unit 2 8 Reasons Why Creativity is an Essential Skill for Everyone to Learn
Unit 3 6 Ways to Apply Creative Thinking in your Everyday Life
Unit 4 6 Thinking Hats: Approach Creative Thinking by De Bono
Unit 5 Another Creative Approach: Lateral Thinking
Unit 6 8 Things to Avoid which will Impact your Creative Thinking
Unit 7 Creative Thinking PostTest
Module 1 CV Writing  
Unit 1 CV writing - pre-test
Unit 2 7 Reasons why a CV is important for job seekers
Unit 3 8 qualities of exceptional high-standard CV writing
Unit 4 3 types of CVs
Unit 5 7 step layout of a chronological CV
Unit 6 7 step layout of a functional CV
Unit 7 3 reasons why a combined CV is most appropriate
Unit 8 4 important things employers look for in a CV
Unit 9 CV writing - post test
Module 1 Financial Literacy  
Unit 1 Financial Literacy PreTest
Unit 2 5 Reasons Why You Need a Financial Plan
Unit 3 5 Common Sources of Income in a Household
Unit 4 3 Main Categories of Expenses in a Household
Unit 5 3 Steps on How to Create a Yearly Budget
Unit 6 4 Ways to Implement Good Budgeting
Unit 7 4 Essential Formal Financial Services that you Should Know About
Unit 8 Financial Literacy PostTest
Module 1 Interview Skills  
Unit 1 Interview Skills Pre Test
Unit 2 5 Kinds of Interviews Used Today
Unit 3 4 Reasons why Interviews are Good for Job Seekers
Unit 4 8 Qualities of an Exceptional Interviewer
Unit 5 7 Ways to Improve Interviewing Skills
Unit 6 7 Things Not to Do in a Job Interview
Unit 7 6 Signs Telling You that You Nailed the Interview
Unit 8 Interview Skills Post Test

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