Tatawwar - HSBC

Module 1 Tatawwar Students
Unit 1 Pre-test
Unit 2 Overview about the programme
Unit 3 SDG overview
Unit 4 Three SDG challenges
Unit 5 "Innovation Design Thinking" and your social business
Unit 6 Understand the problem
Unit 7 Come up with ideas for solutions
Unit 8 Develop the best idea
Unit 9 Evaluate and improve your solution
Unit 10 Understanding your ideal customer
Unit 11 How do you add value for your customers?
Unit 12 How will you get to your customers?
Unit 13 How will customers pay for your extra value?
Unit 14 What are the key resources, partners and their activities?
Unit 15 What are the costs of your business?
Unit 16 Making your business sustainable – Creating profits
Unit 17 Next Steps
Unit 18 Post-test
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