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Students’ learning path

Tatawwar programme - Parents


Complete the units, enroll in new courses, answer survey questions

By gaining points, you can win a personalised one on one coaching session

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Answer the questions in each unit to generate your custom action plan and gain points

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Unit Summary

Students register into the main Tatawwar web page and then go through a self-directed learning experience similar to this one that you are going through. As part of that learning, they are hand-held through the process of building their action plans. You can coach them to complete their plans before the deadline of 25th of December 2021.

Survey Questions

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In this video, we will share with you the blended learning path that young people would go through as part of their participation in Tatawwar.
As students register on the learning platform, they would go through a self-directed learning process, like this one, they will learn about some of the key challenges we face related to these three SDGs. This course will help them develop a unique business idea of how to turn these challenges into opportunities.
The course is broken down into modules. In each module of the course there is a video to watch and a few tasks to complete that will guide and help them build & develop their business idea.
There is a deadline for submitting their idea. After their submission, our team of experts and judges will evaluate and select the best business ideas. The shortlisted participants from each participating country will be invited to workshops in key cities. In these workshops, participants will be supported to develop their ideas further and build a prototype of a product.
20 participants will be shortlisted as finalists. If they are among the finalists, they will also get to meet executives from the programme sponsors, HSBC and, to help them pitch their idea, complete their business plan and present to the Tatawwar judges.
Furthermore, we will award and support the top 3 winners with crowdfunding opportunities to help fund their business ideas and turn their prototypes into actual products. The winners will also be recognised on social media as Tatawwar programme ambassadors.
Are you excited to have your child become the next innovator?
In the next video you will learn about how you can be involved in this impactful journey.
Good luck!

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.” — Matthew L. Jacobson

Here is a sample of the students' action plan template. Once they answer the questions, their answers can be seen in their respective templates: click here to view the sample